Secret Garage Nissan SR16VE Non-N1/SR20VE Intake Manifold Spacer

Secret Garage has done it again with their Nissan SR20VE/SR16VE Intake Manifold Spacer!

Think of this as a Nitrous Plate for your intake manifold runners. This CNC-machined, T6061 Aluminum piece gives you the ability to run a 4-fogger nitro kit on your Nissan SR16VE Non-N1/SR20VE.

If you are worried about firewall clearance for your intake plenum, the flange is only 3/4″ thick. If you choose to purchase the intake manifold spacer kit; which includes two intake manifold runner thermal gaskets, the overall thickness will be 1″. Each thermal gasket is 1/8″ thick.

The flange comes tapped with 1/8″ ports for your nitrous jets; absolutely no fabrication needed, this is a straight bolt-on affair.

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