SFI High-Flow Fuel Injectors for Honda K-Series Motors

Look no further! We have high-flow, flow-matched, high impedance fuel injectors for the Honda/Acura K20 & K24 motors!

No matter the form of Motorsport, competitors rely on SouthBay Fuel Injectors components for that checkered-flag finish.  The fastest SFWD and XFWD Civics on the planet use SouthBay Fuel Injectors so you should too!

Injectors, although compact in size, play a very critical role in engine operation.  Without injectors, the engine has no fuel supply and cannot start.  On the other end of the spectrum, having faulty or unequally flowing fuel injectors can result in engine damage.  If injectors are clogged, damaged, or do not supply equal amounts of fuel across cylinders, the engine can suffer from fuel starvation.  If injector number 3 is faulty or flows less than the others, detonation will occur in cylinder number 3.  Excessive detonation could result in a burnt or damage piston, engine failure and an expensive repair.

Avoid engine failure by using new, properly test and flow-matched injectors.  One faulty injector could cost you an entire engine.  Secure your investment, use SouthBay Fuel Injectors!

Injectors are sold in sets of four (4).

Guaranteed flow matched dynamically to ±1%

All injectors come with complete tuning data