Supertech Nissan SR20VE/SR20VET (8H6) Valve Spring Retainers

Have you thought about upgrading the valve spring retainers in your Nissan P12 SR20VE (8H6) cylinder head? We have some upgraded pieces from Supertech for you!

Valve Spring Retainers, Upper Spring Seats or Spring Seat Cups help to positively locate the valve spring in the cylinder head. Basically, the retainer keeps the valve spring in a state of compression.

Metals wear and fatigue from stress over time; valve spring retainers are no different. A valve spring that is improperly seated can affect valve train harmonics and ultimately impact engine performance.

Applicable to the following engine models:

  • P12 SR20VE (8H6)
  • T30 SR20VET (8H6)

4 in stock

4 in stock