Universal 10-Row Oil Cooler

Engine and differential oil, as well as transmission fluid loose viscosity when exposed to high temperatures over extended periods. No or low viscosity means the fluid no longer has its lubricating abilities. This can cause damage to the components being lubricated by the fluid: engines, differentials and transmissions.

Extend the lubricant lifespan and that of your components. Install an oil cooler and watch those temperatures drop! Your engine, differential or transmission will thank you!


Inlet / Outlet Size: AN-10
Core Size: 11.6″ x 5.3″ x 2.00″
Overall Size: 13.40″ x 6.6″ x 2.00″
Center Adapter: M20 x 1.5 & 3/4 x 16 UNF Thread
Comes with 2 Oil Lines(Lengths: 1.4M 、1.6M)
Helps Reducing Coolant Temperature and Extends Engine Life
Quantity: Oil Cooler Filter Adapter Hose Kit
Warranty: one year warranty for any manufacturing defect

Package Includes:
3/4-16 Female Fitting x1
M20x P 1.5 Female Fitting x1
Oil Filter Adapter x1
Oil Cooler x1
10-AN Hose Line Separator x1
10-AN 0 Degree Swivel Hose End x2
10-AN 90 Degree Swivel Hose End x 2
Braided Nylon Hose x2

-Instruction is not included. Professional installation is recommended